Achieve Better Health through
Massage, Meditation/Relaxation and Movement

13 Nason Street
Maynard, MA 01754


In Office Massage Rates

1/2 hour $55
1 hour $100

Special pricing for students and senior citizens. Please inquire with Deborah for rates on these and other services such as On-Site Chair massage, Reflexology massage and Steam Towel treatment.

Most people know what a massage is and it is the most common form of bodywork in existence today. Many types of massages are available that can help ease pain from injuries or relieve the stress from our everyday lives.

Here at the Explore Pathways to Wellness center, we have a licensed massage therapist, Deborah Hledik, who has been working with everyone from kids, senior citizens, the disabled and athletes since 1988. Deborah is a "thinking" massage therapist in the sense that she seems to innately know by touch what will really help relieve any pain or tension you are feeling. She offers three types of massage including:

  • Swedish Massage – This is one of the oldest natural remedies for relieving modern day aches and stress you may be experiencing.
  • Sports Massage – A deeper and more targeted massage that can improve muscle performance and recovery.
  • On-Site Chair Massage – A massage that can be done at offices, events or any type of function.
  • Oncology Massage

Also offered by Deborah is Reflexology Massage of the hands or feet and Steam Towel Treatments as needed to relax and sooth tired muscles.