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Massage, Meditation/Relaxation and Movement

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We all know that injuries or illness need therapy to recover, but what about the daily aches and stress we assume is just a normal part of life or getting older? It's time to understand that caring for the only body you will ever own will not only keep you healthier and more active, but help you live a longer and happier life!

Here at Explore Pathways to Wellness Healing and Learning Center, we use bodywork in the forms of massage, core movement and relaxation/breath work to help relieve both physical and mental stress, pain and stiffness. Imagine feeling great and having more energy with very little work on your part. A free consultation can help us understand what program will work best for you and your needs. For some people, massage alone may be perfect while others can use two or all three types of bodywork in an integrated program to achieve a healthier and more contented life and spirit.

Learn more about the following types of Bodywork:

Professional Bodywork is a gift of health and wellbeing and should never be considered a luxury for anyone living in our fast-paced and stressful world. Allow us to show you how to tune in to your body, mind and spirit so you can live a better life today!