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Core Movement INtegration

Our Bodies were meant to move and a body that does not move efficiently will never be free of pain. 
Explore doing every day activities differently.
 Repetitive movement habit patterns develop and you may not even be aware of.        

 Core Movement Integration basic concept:
   Improve your body-not just to relieve pain, muscle tension and strain, or to stimulate tissue; to relax.                    
   Learn how to provide what the body-brain needs to maintain and improve
functioning, fitness, and wellness for life.                    
   You will be introduced to the six core movement pathways of the spine and
    how they are connected through the whole body.
Classes introduce the four fundamental concepts of movement.                    
   - Connecting movement from one part of the body to another                    
   -Lengthening the spine/body                    
   -Moving with “flow” sequentially and slowly without forcing                     
   -Creating uplift with movement to hold ourselves up against gravity

Benefits: Learn better new life habits.  The body and brain learns through movement programming, and how
    the body and brain improves itself through core-pathway organized functional movement and exercise.
   -Relieve stiff joints and aches 
   -develop better balance, posture and sitting habits 
   -Walk with ease and flow eliminating back, hip, knee and foot problems

We shape our habits; unknowingly and then our habits control us. 
When you move better you feel and breathe better.  This is the place to be to reinforece better habits for life.